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Making IT good for society

Technology is solving problems every day. It’s transforming lives. It’s creating a future of possibilities. When you work in tech, your impact will be far greater than you could ever realise...

At BCS we’re working to create a society where there’s no digital divide, where the IT profession is diverse and inclusive, and cutting-edge tech is providing solutions to the climate emergency.


How will you make your IT impact?

Take the quiz and find out!

How worried are you
about the climate crisis?

But do you think everyone
should have a voice?

You know it takes a diverse and inclusive IT profession to make tech that’s good for everyone, and you’re making it happen — just like these technologists >>

You care about people. You care that they have the access and the skills needed to thrive in our digital world — so do these digital champions >>

You’re a step ahead, with an eye on the horizon, taking action today to shape the world you want tomorrow — these future proofers are doing it too >>

Make your impact with BCS

If you’re starting out in tech or just thinking about it, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT is your industry body. And if these challenges are as important to you as they are to us, why not join us and start making a difference.

Good tech policy improves lives. Help us influence smarter decisions across AI strategy, education, green IT and more.
Get the lowdown on routes into the industry and the professional development you need to make your big break.
Tech moves really fast. You can never stop learning. Keep growing with BCS and discover your greatest potential.

Become a BCS member today and join a global community of professionals who are using tech for good.

Grow your network, stay tuned with the latest thinking and turn up your voice in the industry.


Already making an IT impact?

If you work, teach or study in IT, we want to hear from you!

We know the digital future is safe in the hands of competent, ethical and accountable professionals, like you, who understand its influence and responsibility to society.

Share your story and inspire more people to shape the world we want tomorrow.